1. Before any purchase is made we send several pictures of the desired car to the client involved.
  2. After purchasing of the car, pictures of the car are send to the client .
  3. Departure invoice  will be send to the client with date of car arrival.
  4. Depending on the contract signed within us (kamerauto and the client), the car will declared from the Douala port either by us (kamerauto) or the client.


We have a policy of 100% money back guarantee  of all undelivered cars. Moreover, you get exactly want you paid for. You can never order for a red Toyota Rav 4 and receive a grey Toyota Rav 4 etc.

Payment is done in the presence of a legal adviser/representative or an attorney in which official documents are signed to make the transaction official. The financial cost of this is covered by our company unless otherwise stated.

Click on order a car from Europe or America from the menu bar and fill the required information in the contact form. One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

Its simple, chose any username of your choice and your email address. Click on post free ads then enter your information on the registration page after which a password will be emailed to your inbox, you will need the password to sign into your account and start posting free ads.

YES, registration takes less than a minute to complete, however you can browse through our series of cars and contact any seller without registration.